Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 15th February 2018. All previous terms and conditions are cancelled.

1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to Reality Gaming where you can play your favourite skill-based Games with real money. We hope you enjoy all of our Games each featuring four exciting Game modes. Go head to head with an opponent, reach the leader board in tournaments, challenge your friends to a custom Game or hone your skills in practice mode for free.

1.2 Before registering for an Account, please read and accept these terms and conditions in conjunction with our Privacy Policy located at www.reality-gaming.com. By agreeing to these Terms and by registering for an Account (as defined below) you confirm you have both read and agree to be bound by these Terms and any other in App Game rules in their entirety. Failure to accept these Terms means you will be unable to participate in the Games, use the services or create and use your Account.

2. About Us

2.1 We (the “Company”) are Reality Gaming Ltd (“RGL”) a company registered in England and Wales (company number 8898955). Our registered office is located at 8 Smarts Place, London, WC2B 5LW.

2.2 You can contact us by telephoning Customer Support on +44 (0)2031264953 or by writing to us at [email protected].

2.3 We provide skill-based, mobile Games (the “Games”). All Games that we offer are skill-based and there are no odds involved. Players do not bet against the house, instead they compete against each other in peer to peer Games. They can also play individually in a free to play practice mode.

2.4 Certain Services provided are offered under the terms of our Gambling Commission (“UKGC”) Combined Remote Operating License (license number 000-038346-R-319233-007.

2.5 We provide the Games to you the Player on apps via a Device subject to the following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) contained within this agreement.

3. Definitions

3.1 In these Terms the following words shall have the meanings set out beside them:

  • “Account” shall mean an account opened by an individual with the Company and is registered to our Services. This account applies to all RGL enabled Games.
  • “App” shall mean any mobile applications offered by RGL accessed from any Device.
  • “Bonus Cash” refers to any bonus, promotion funds and/or special offers that you may receive in respect of the Services to which the Bonus Terms apply.
  • “Bonus Terms” shall mean any terms and conditions and/or rules with regard to promotions, bonuses and special offers which may apply to any Game or any part of the Services from time to time.
  • “Devices” and/or “Device” shall mean any mobile or online platform through which you may access any one of the Games.
  • “Dispute” shall mean any disagreement with us to be handled via our Complaints and Disputes Policy.
  • “Company” shall mean Reality Gaming Ltd as per paragraph 2.1 above.
  • “Funds” shall mean the balance of your own money contained in your Account.
  • “Games” and/or “Game” shall mean any of the individual skill-Games (each a “Game” and together the “Games”) provided by us.
  • “Player” shall mean any person who creates an Account with the Company and plays any of the Games. All players must be 18 years old and over.
  • “Practice Mode” shall mean a Game that you do not pay an entry fee for and you play individually to practice your skills.
  • “Registered User” or “User” shall mean any user, player or customer that has created an Account. All users must be 18 years old and over.
  • “Score” shall mean the total points earned from playing a Game. The score of the Game may determine your winnings.
  • “Services” shall mean any Game, App, Website, SDK, Tools or any other services provided by us.
  • “Terms” shall mean these terms and conditions of service, the terms of any policy incorporated herein, the Privacy Policy, terms of use, and any rules applicable to any Game.
  • “We”, “Our”, “Us” shall mean the Company and/ or any employees, officers, agents, connected persons, contractors or subsidiaries.
  • “Winnings” shall mean any moneys or prize(s) returned to you after each Game based on your performance in a particular Game.
  • “You”, “Your” shall mean any Player or Registered User of the Games.

4. About these Terms

4.1 These Terms apply to your download, access and/or use of our Games whether on your computer, on any Device, or on any other website or platform.

4.2 These Terms also apply to any other Services we may provide in relation to the Games, such as social media or Customer sSupport.

4.3 From time to time we will make changes to these Terms, our Website, App and all guides and policies included on our Website. You will be notified of any change to these Terms via a pop up in-app. You must consent to these changes before continuing to use our Services. Failure to accept the Terms will result in the restriction of access to the Games and your Account.

4.4 If you do not agree to these Terms or any future updated versions of them you must not access or use any of the Games or other Services provided by us.

4.5 These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these conditions to any third party.

5. Eligibility

 5.1 In order to use our Services, open an Account and/or participate in any of the Services or Apps, you affirm that you comply with all of the following:

  • Are a person of at least 18 years of age on the date of participation;
  • Have the power to enter into a contract with the Company;
  • You are the owner of a valid payment method;
  • You are physically located in a jurisdiction in which participation in the Game you select is permitted and unrestricted by the country’s laws;

5.2 If any one of the above requirements is not met at any time, we will suspend or close your Account with or without notice.

5.3 You hereby acknowledge that you understand that various rules, regulations and laws regarding real money gaming and/or gambling (“Gaming Laws”) which govern your participation in our Games. If you are accessing our Services in any jurisdiction in which any of our Games may violate its Gaming Law(s), you must not participate in that Game.

5.4 If you reside in a place where the use of any of the Games is illegal or where we elect not to provide services, you alone are responsible for determining whether you are eligible to play the Games. You warrant to us that your use of the Games complies with the law at all times.

5.5 You agree and accept that the Company complies with the laws of England and Wales and accepts no responsibility for laws, rules or regulations in any other country, territory or jurisdiction.

5.6 We reserve the right to request from you at any time any evidence of your age and to terminate your Account, or prevent your use of the Games temporarily if we suspect you are under the age of 18 years old or if you fail to provide evidence that you are of age within (3) working days.

5.7 Our employees may use the Games, and will from time to time do so for the purpose of testing the site user experience, and other reasonable and fair uses at the sole discretion of the Company.

6. Creating an Account

6.1 In order to participate in our Games you will be required to register and open an Account with us.

6.2 During the registration process, you will be asked to provide: your first name; last name; date of birth; a legitimate email address that you control and a mobile phone number that must be owned and controlled by you. After registration you will be given the opportunity to create a username or accept a username given to you by the Game.

6.3 By opening an Account, you hereby represent, warrant, acknowledge and undertake that the details you submitted during the registration process are true and correct and that you will update them, immediately upon any change.

6.4 On confirmation of your registration by us, you will become a Registered User. By completing the process you will authorise us to maintain an account registered in your name.

6.5 You may only open one Account. We reserve the right to monitor all activity, including any efforts to establish multiple accounts. In the event that we have reason to suspect that you have made duplicate registrations, all registrations by you will be cancelled, and all Winnings and Bonus Cash will be voided.

6.6 As part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy, all Players are subject to an age verification via our third party provider. The age verification service uses the data provided during the registration process to verify your age.

6.7 The age verification service is provided by a third party provider, and we take no responsibility for any failure or disruption of this service or any decisions based on use of the service.

6.8 We may ask you for further proof of age by providing to us photographic identification, and/or a copy of your identity documents. This may include, but is not limited to, your Driver’s licence, Passport or Identity Card. Failure to satisfy us that you are 18 or over will result in us suspending your Account (including any funds within the Account) at our sole discretion until we are satisfied with your age and identity.

6.9 If you are unable to verify your Account, please contact Customer Support.

7. Managing Your Account

7.1 You are responsible for all activity processed through your Account therefore, please ensure you keep your Account information confidential. You agree that you shall take all steps to protect your Account details.

7.2 Your Account is personal to you and you are not entitled to transfer your Account to any other person.

7.3 As a Registered User, you can request to update your Account settings, including your registered email address by contacting Customer Support.

7.4 You are solely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your Account. We accept no responsibility for any loss you may suffer from an unauthorized person accessing your Account or playing Games on your behalf, whether fraudulent or otherwise.

7.5 You must immediately notify Customer Support of any unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach or threatened breach of our security or the security of your Account.

7.6 We reserve the right to delete your Account if it is inactive for a period of 6 months or more. In an event of this kind you may no longer be able to access your Account and any Funds remaining in your Account.

7.7 We may, at Our sole discretion, with or without notice to you, reject, change, suspend and/or terminate your Account at any time. In particular if we feel there is any suspicious or fraudulent behaviour or violated these Terms.

7.8 You may ask at any time to close your Account by sending an email to Customer Support at [email protected].

8. Funding Your Account

8.1 In order to play a multiplayer Game, you will be required to top up your Account. You may deposit funds to your Account at any point via the payment portal by credit card, debit card or PayPal. The minimum amount you may upload at any time is £10 and the maximum amount you may upload is £500. Funds may only be uploaded in GBP (“£”). The minimum and maximum amounts that you may upload may be changed at any point without notice. For full details of the available payment methods, please visit our payment page in-app.

8.2 Upon depositing funds to your Account, you hereby represent that (a) any funds you deposit in your Account may and will be used by you solely for playing the Games, (b) you are the authorised user of such payment method.

8.3 It is unlawful to deposit any money in your Account from ill-gotten means. You hereby acknowledge that the Company will check all transactions to prevent money laundering, and will report any suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities.

8.4 All payments are processed by our third party payment provider. We are not liable for any delays, malfunctions, errors or charges relating to the payment provider used.

8.5 Players may request withdrawal of their funds at any point. Any withdrawal request approved by the Company will be credited back to the payment method used to deposit the funds, unless otherwise agreed by the Company, and can take up to 30 days. We are not responsible for any delays regarding the actual payment date or for any charges levied by your bank.

8.6 No Winnings may be paid out to Users who have not verified their age or have been found to be underage. If you are an underage User, we will return your initial deposit amount and close your Account.

8.7 Unless otherwise required by law, no refunds are given. This does not affect any of your statutory rights.

8.8 We may charge you a withdrawal fee in order to process your request. Bonus Cash cannot be paid out as described in section 10.

8.9 Fraud and abuse relating to access and use of the Games are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to delay a request for withdrawal of Funds pending any suspicion of fraud.

8.10 Additional charges may be issued by your banking provider; we have no control over this and will accept no liability for any such charges.

8.11 We are committed to protecting customer funds with a basic level of protection as defined by the UKGC. In the event that the organisation becomes insolvent and is put into liquidation, all customer funds shall be handled in accordance with UK law and are not otherwise protected.

8.12 You are solely responsible for recording, paying and accounting to any relevant governmental, taxation or other authority for any tax or other levy that may be payable due to your use of our Services.

9. Winnings and Bonus Cash

9.1 Winnings will be determined by the score each Player achieves at the end of each Game and scaled according to the Players final place on the scoreboard of that particular Game. Winnings are based on game play, respective score and the number of entries. The number of entries and scores and related Winnings are updated in App. Winnings will be returned to your Account immediately. If your Winnings do not appear in your cash balance, please contact Customer Support.

9.2 If you receive a payment in error, we may reverse or require return of the payment. You agree to cooperate with us in our efforts to do this. We may also reduce payment to you without notice to adjust for any previous overpayment.

9.3 If you violate these Terms in any way we may determine, at our sole discretion, that your Winnings, if any, will be forfeited, disgorged or recouped by us.

9.4 If you are a Registered User then we may at our sole discretion, from time to time, grant you bonus funds and/or credits (“Bonus Cash”). Bonus Cash can be used to play the Games and is unlocked as you play. To view the latest terms and details of the current Bonus Cash promotion, please visit the Help Centre in App, on our website or contact Customer Support. Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn, and any remaining Bonus Cash is forfeited when you make a withdrawal.

10. Playing Our Games

10.1 Before you start a Game, you must read and familiarise yourself with the Game rules, scoring rules, controls and guidelines for the Game which can be found in App.

10.2 Once you have selected, checked and familiarised yourself with the applicable Terms, you may start a Game.

10.3 To play a multiplayer Game, you must pay the applicable entry fee. The entry fee may vary for different Games. You are not required to pay an entry fee for practice mode Games.

10.4 Once you have entered a Game you have agreed to pay the stated entry fee of that Game and this will be deducted from your Account balance. It is your responsibility to enter a Game. This entry fee is non-refundable and we take no responsibility for accidental Game entrance.

10.5 You are solely responsible for any mobile charges that you may incur for accessing our Games and for the Internet connection required for accessing and/or using our Games.

10.6 Our Games allow you to play socially with other Users and to play against an opponent. We aim to provide matches that offer a competitive gaming experience that is both fun and fair for all Players.

10.7 Where we match you with an opponent, we aim to match you with players of a similar skill level and scoring ability, although it may sometimes be necessary to select at random or through any means we see fit. In some of our Games you may be able to choose to play against an opponent of your choice.

10.8 We take fair play extremely seriously and have no vested interest in the outcome of individual Games.

10.9 By playing our Games you agree that your username and scores and other related details may be displayed to other Players.

11. Acceptable Use Policy

11.1 You will use your Account in good faith towards the Company and others using the Service.

11.2 You further represent, warrant, acknowledge and undertake that you will not use your Account for any illegal actions.

11.3 You are personally responsible for your use of the Games, and while using the Games must conduct yourself in a lawful and respectful manner. We reserve the right to temporarily ban users who violate these rules.

11.4 Profanity, obscenities, or the use of **asterisks** or other “masking” characters to disguise words, is not permitted in your Game username.

11.5 You may not use or upload obscene, lewd, slanderous, pornographic, abusive, violent, insulting, indecent, threatening and harassing language of any kind, as determined by us in our sole discretion.

11.6 Service usernames are personal to you and impersonating other Players is not allowed.

11.7 You may not attempt to impersonate or deceive another User for the purposes of illicitly obtaining cards, passwords, Account information etc.

12. Cheating, Fraud and Abuse

12.1 We have zero tolerance for fraud, cheating, bots and hackers, if any unusual behaviour is detected we have the right to replay or cancel a Game and review to verify that Players are competing fairly. We also appreciate the reporting of any suspicious behaviour that an individual Player notices in the course of Game play.

12.2 We prohibit all third party software which might have an effect on our apps, games and game outcomes. If you suspect a player of using a third party software, please contact Customer Support immediately.

12.3 Any identified rogue play may be subject to prosecution and will result in the closure of the Account forfeiting all Winnings, the Player will also be liable for any previous Winnings.

12.4 In accessing and playing the Games you warrant to us that you will not engage in any activity that interrupts or attempts to interrupt the operation of the Games.

12.5 We reserve the right to review your play for any irregular playing patterns. Should we deem that irregular game play has occurred, we reserve the right to seize and/or confiscate the balance of your Account.

13. Responsible Gaming

13.1 We ask you to play responsibly. If you believe you have a gaming problem, you are urged to seek professional help. Please contact Customer Support for further help. Closing your account is easy and will be done in a few simple steps either through the App settings or by contacting Customer Support.

14. Marketing and Promotions

14.1 From time to time, we will offer promotions for marketing purposes and user engagement. For the latest promotion Terms, please see the in App help section or visit www.reality-gaming.com.

14.2 We reserve the right to amend, modify, or discontinue, any of the promotions and/or bonuses and/or introduce new promotions and/or bonuses without notice.

14.3 By registering and playing our Games, and accepting any Winnings, you automatically consent to the Company’s use of your username for advertising and marketing purposes without additional compensation being paid to you except where prohibited by the laws of England and Wales.

15. Our Services

15.1 We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online Services suffer occasional disruptions and outages. In the event of a disruption or outage, we will be entitled to cancel your participation in any of the Games effected.

15.2 We may, with or without notice to you at our sole discretion (a) modify, suspend or terminate your access to our Services; and (b) interrupt the operation of the Services as necessary to perform maintenance, error correction, or other work.

15.3 We may alter, amend or withdraw any particular Game without notice and may add other Games and Services at any time, and may alter prizes, prize distribution, features, and/or other characteristics to the Games at any time.

15.4 We are not liable for any technical failure in relation to the Internet and mobile carriers or any third party services or any other technical infrastructure that results in interference in your Game. In the case of which our Services are disrupted or fail due to a fault solely of us and your Game is interrupted, we will return your entry fee.

15.5 The Company reserves the right to terminate any Game or alter the Services should it have any grounds to suspect that the outcome or security of such Game may be compromised.

15.6 You undertake to immediately notify us in writing of any error, defect or incompleteness in the Services that you notice.

15.7 If there is any discrepancy between the Game results on your Device and the results on our server, the results on our server shall be final and binding. If there is any discrepancy between your on-screen display and balance in your Account, the balance held on our systems are deemed to be the balance in your Account.

16. Force Majeure

16.1 We are not liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer in respect of an event of Force Majeure. For the purpose of these Terms “Force Majeure” means any event outside our reasonable control affecting our ability to perform any of our obligations under these Terms.

17. Limitation of Liabilitiy

17.1 The Software is provided to you “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights. We make no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness and accuracy of the information, software, products and Services contained and/or offered by us. The entire risk as to the use, quality and performance of the Games and the Software lies with you.

17.2 We are not responsible or liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result of any occasional disruptions or errors as described in section 14.

17.3 We are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury resulting from use of our Services.

17.4 If you are using any third party equipment, devices, software or services (collectively, the “third party services”) in connection with your use of our Website, Devices or the Software, the entire risk as to the quality and performance of such third party goods/services shall at all times rest with you. Should such third party goods/services prove defective, you assume the entire cost of all necessary repairs or corrections.

18. Indemnification

18.1 You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against all direct and indirect claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses arising from your breach of the Terms.

19. Data Protection and Data Processing

19.1 In full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, all personal data acquired by the Company from you shall only be used for the purposes of the Services and shall not be further processed or disclosed without your consent.

20. Intellectual Property

20.1 All the rights in the Games and all of its content are and shall remain the exclusive property of the Company.

20.2 You may not use any of the rights without the express prior written approval of the Company.

20.3 You may not upload to, distribute or publish any content, information or other material that violates or infringes the copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other rights of the Company or any other person.

21. Exclusive Jurisdiction

21.1 By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you accept that your agreement with us is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

22. Arbitration

22.1 Any dispute arising out of your agreement with the Company shall be referred to and finally resolved by Arbitration, save for the procedure set out in paragraph 21.

23. Complaints and Disputes Policy

23.1 In the event that any Player or member of public wishes to make a complaint about the Company or a Game they can contact Customer Support in App, by telephone on +44 (0)2031264953, by email at [email protected] or by post in writing to: 8 Smarts Place, London, WC2B 5LW, giving full details of the complaint and any supporting documentation.

23.2 If the dispute cannot be resolved between the complainant and the Company the dispute will be taken to IBAS, an independent third party, offering adjudication for customers and the organization. Details on IBAS can be acquired from the organization via contacting the Customer Services Team, or by visiting the IBAS website: www.ibas-uk.com.